5 Reasons to Join Your Local Running Club

Running alone may give you the necessary time to reflect and ponder on some deep thoughts, but regardless of this, everything is undoubtedly better in a group.

Just ask any fitness buff who has tried working out at home alone and he or she will tell you how much they would vastly prefer having their workouts in a gym and surrounded by people than being at home all by themselves. Running is no different for health enthusiasts who love to sprint. Being an active member of your running group not only legitimizes and solidifies your passion for running, but it would also keep you motivated and focused on your running goals. Succinctly said, running in a group keeps your head in the game. Another perk you will inevitably have when it comes to joining running groups is expanding your social sphere with friends who invariably have the same passion as you do. And as a result, you will have immediate access not only to the up and coming running events, but you will also gain insights from seasoned runners and advice from the veterans. But that is just a fraction of what you can enjoy when you are in a running club, but if you are still adamant about pursuing your solitary sprinting sessions, then perhaps the reasons below will convince you otherwise.


Socialization is incredibly important regardless of whatever your passion may be. It helps you keep your focus intact and would enable you to communicate with others who share the same goals as you do. Additionally, should you feel like your interest and fervor for running would wane, your social sphere involved in fitness and running can easily help you get back right on track. Another key factor socialization plays in running groups is that it does not only help you cultivate your relationship with your running mates, it fosters team spirit as well. This will enable you to break down walls and make it up on steep hills on race day.


Your active buddies in the running club can introduce you to races you have never heard of or never even thought of trying. Some of these events may even be incredibly unique such as night fun runs with runners equipping luminous accessories or color runs where the activity commences with a splash of color. Additionally, being in a running club may give you exclusive offers which may have been otherwise unavailable to you should you not have a membership. Some running events may also provide discounts to these same clubs which would make it cost effective to run multiple races in just one season.


Putting off a sprint day or delaying it for another hour or so is incredibly easy if you are on a solitary run, this is because no one is waiting for you. It would also take every ounce of your willpower just to make it out of bed each morning for an early morning run. With a group, it is not as easy to slack off and you do not need to invest as much willpower on it as you do when you are doing a solo run. Undoubtedly, you would find it harder to slack off when you know people are waiting for you.


Running in groups means that someone has to take the lead. And when this happens, you can easily focus on the pace, strength, and time of your running workout. This would be an excellent opportunity for you to observe your body and tune into it. Take note of strong and weak miles, some bodily issues and imbalances that would help you prepare for your race appropriately.


Unless the running group is very selective, runners in a running group would all have different levels of running experience, you may encounter seasoned runners as well as newbies. And because you have a very diverse set of individuals, you will gain access to a wide array of knowledge on nutrition, time management, and training. This would then become an avenue for you to learn what would work for other runners and see if their techniques can be applied to your own training and racing.

A solitary running jaunt is not exactly a bad way to keep yourself in tip top shape and gain enough momentum to be in excellent condition for running day. But consider that in a running group, you can open new possibilities. So, the next time you see them running through your neighborhood, introduce yourself and ask just how you can join them.