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Cosmetic dentistry has become widely popular nowadays as there is a pressure on having a beautiful Hollywood smile even if you are not a movie star. It is not only important to have healthy teeth – in fact it is now insufficient. Your smile should also be snow-white and your teeth should be straight. When you spend some money on your teeth look, you will never be ashamed again of smiling to the photos. But how can you do that and who may help you? Of course you have to find the best cosmetic dentist. But firstly you have to decide what is your main teeth problem.

Before any improvement of the teeth appearance they should always be completely healthy. If you suffer from tooth decay or gum problems do not go and whiten your teeth at cosmetic dentist; firstly get rid of all teeth health problems. When you are done, you may choose a cosmetic dental work that would be suitable for you. The most popular procedure is tooth whitening. You may whiten your teeth with special sets that may be bought in a drugstore, but the effect will not be as spectacular as the one obtained at best cosmetic dentist clinic. The effect is usually obtained by lightening the teeth. The whitened look may last for years if you do not drink coffee, strong tea or smoke cigarettes, as these products tend to stain your teeth and change their color.

When you have some holes because of missing teeth, you may choose from a variety of procedures that fill these areas. Nowadays artificial teeth made of modern medical materials are used. Veeners and pontics (or dental bridges) are also a solution for people that have very worn teeth. This may happen when you suffer from reflux or night-time grinding. Various procedures of reshaping or covering discolored teeth are also available. Unfortunately all these procedures are quite expensive. In fact, it is always most beneficial to visit your dentist regularly to solve every problem before it becomes really serious.