Best foundation for acne prone skin uk – coverage foundation


Oily, acne-prone skin is really problematic when it comes to choosing products for everyday beauty rituals. Oily skin breaks out easily; one mistake and you struggle with nasty spots. I’ve been looking for the best foundation for acne for years and tried dozens of products. Some of them met my expectations and others were a total disaster. It is really annoying when you buy a new foundation and you see just after one use that it is only worth throwing away. You may try to sell such almost unused product online, but in fact it is always a waste of time and you cannot help losing a part of money. I try to test a product before buying a whole package or beauty kit, but you can never know if long usage does not intensify your oily skin problems.

After many trials, web and drugstore research as well as money spent I still cannot choose one best foundation for acne perfect for everybody, but I have my own types. I try to change the foundation I use from time to time (at least once a year) as I heard that it is beneficial for your skin to change beauty products. But choosing from ones that I have used till now I may say that I was truly satisfied with such brands as Revlon, Shiseido or Clinique. All experienced make-up products manufacturers have something in their offer that is appropriate for oily skin. Personally I like very much Revlon ColorStay foundation for oily skin as it gives pretty nice coverage and is available in many shades, also for very pale and dark skin, and Shiseido with high sun protection filter, as it protects the skin from sun damage very efficiently (no early wrinkles!) and gives a perfect matte finish.

And when you try hundreds of foundations for oily skin and nothing works, maybe it’s high time to try mineral make-up. It is natural and probably won’t cause any allergic problems, and many mineral products are just designed for oily skin. It gives a fresh and not heavy look. But the problem is that classic foundations usually give a better coverage, and that is important when you try to hide spots. However, a good concealer may solve this problem.