Best liquid foundation and best foundation for dry skin


Choosing the best foundation is never easy. Putting anything on your face, even designed by very wise scientists in a professional lab, always makes an interaction with your skin individual “moods”. Even if you haven’t observed before that your skin is sensitive or problematic, it may be a beauty disaster when you put on a foundation that is just not for you. Any cosmetic may cause allergic symptoms and liquid foundation is no exception. Apart from that some foundations may make your skin dry, cause redness, or close your skin pores so that you may get problems with rash or spots. As foundation is a product that we use every day or almost every day, there is no excuse for not choosing best liquid foundation available. When you use the best product, you may not only avoid problems, but also sooth and moisturize your skin. Effect? No problems, fresh look and skin looking younger in the long run.

While choosing foundation (not an easy choice! So many products!) the first thing to consider should always be: your own skin type. You should remember that best foundation for dry skin will probably not work with oily skin and it is not recommended to use inappropriate type of foundation even if it was the last product on the drugstore shelf. If you have no idea what type of skin you have, you may ask cosmetician or just make a simple test with dry and clean blotting paper: oily skin leaves stains on a paper after a whole day (spent without make-up on) and dry skin does not leave stains but is visibly dry in the evening when you don’t use moisturizer. You may also have a mixed type of skin which leaves stains in “T” area, where the tissue touches forehead, nose and chin.

And what about price? You can find many foundations on the market: from really affordable ones to luxurious products. The cheapest foundations are usually designed for younger target group, but not always. It is a good idea to try foundations from every price level, as you may find a perfect product that does not cost a fortune.