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Diet Meal Plans for Diabetics Patients


Patients with diabetics have to take less and carbohydrate. However, experts prescribes that diabetics patient should get 40% of daily calories from carbohydrates 20-30% from protein and 35% from the rest.

A general advice for diabetic patients is to consume 12 calories of every pound of weight.

Once you know about calories, calculate the protein to be taken daily. For example, if you take 2440 calories a day, protein would be 488 – 532 calories. The common diet plan to diabetic patients is fishes, low fat milk and dairy products, and legumes.

Fiber Rich Food :

A perfect meal plan should include fiber rich foods such as breakfast bran cereals, wheat bran, beans etc. It is also mandatory to include omega-3 fatty acids, and that kind of diet plan must provide 40 to 50 grams of dietary fiber.



Vegetables and Fruits:

Usually, dietitian advises their clients to eat all the vegetables and fruits, because they are good and affordable.

Carbohydrate and Carbohydrate Counting:

Carbohydrate is the main source of glucose in the blood. Foods rich in carbohydrate can be safely consumed at each meal and during the day without drastically elevating glucose levels. If the glucose in the blood stream is high for a long time, that pathetic condition is known as hyperglycemia or diabetes. No matter one is fat or thing, everyone needs food to survive in this world. Majority of people have major health problems due to lack of simple diet plan.

What is Simple Diet Plan ?

Don’t get fooled by the name. It’s simple to plan but hard to execute. Simple Diet Plan includes basic foods like vegetables, fruits, outer coating of grains and foods rich in complex carbohydrate. People can also eat raw food or minimally cooked or steam-treated food and baked items like bread.

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Breakfast Diet Plan:

In general breakfast is said to be a short form of breaking up the fast. It is advised not to include fruit and milk together for the breakfast. So it is recommended to avoid banana because it has the tendency to accumulate weight. Ordinary milk should be avoided and skimmed milk can be taken instead.

Lunch Diet Plan:

Lunch needs to be very moderate. Always keep in mind that sweets should be avoided, because sweet jeopardises the diet plan. It increases the calorie limits excessively. Rice, the staple food of south Indians, can be taken at an optimum level.


Most of the dietitians recommend a very light dinner. Juice or milk will be sufficient. Remember that the amount of calories intake is directly proportionate to your waistline.