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Health insurance is something that everyone needs, and this comes from an obvious need of regular or occasional medical aid and the need of rationing of services (as we are not able to provide the best service for everyone simultaneously).

Even healthy people can face with sudden, accidental injury or illness, and are forced to get medical aid as soon as possible. It may not be a problem for rich people, but some of us just cannot afford medical service costs, especially if they are high. And this may be evident if our illness is sudden, rare or serious. Some people living in poverty may be therefore excluded from health care system, but this is a barrier that society wants to get rid of, as modern humanity claims that all people are equal, regardless of their annual income, age or disabilities.

A good example of a health plan helping people with low annual income is Oregon Health Plan, based on rationing services efficiently and economically – so to help as much people needing medical aid as possible. This is also a plan concerned much about medical help for children, also for children that are not insured. First help programs were designed and accomplished in the beginning of twentieth century nineties. The newest issue in Oregon Health Plan Is Coordinated Care Organizations plan (CCO) giving its clients a wide coverage of medical services in various disciplines – so it does not matter anymore if you have a slightly physical, or mental health problem.

Another interesting example of health plan caring about children especially is Affinity Health Plan established in New Your State. Here we have a Child Health Plus program, which provides a high-quality health care, including an emphasis on health problems typical for children, as well as proper education and prevention issues. This program is addressed for young patients that are no more than 19-years-old and live in New York City or surroundings.