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How lower the cost of health insurance uk?


In this article I would like to explain how important medical aid plans are for our health. It is not only essential if you are permanently or seriously ill – we face with medical situations and choices during our whole life. For example, if you are a smoker and you would like to give up smoking, probably you will need a medical aid. This improves your chance for success.

The same with losing weight, getting fit and so on. These are important examples, because prevention is really important in our whole health care system. To prevent is to reduce risk, and reducing risk means lower costs of curing and rehabilitation. And we would all like to be healthy all the time and not be forced to pay costs of being ill (not only money, but also all discomfort and loss associated with being unhealthy).

An example of medical aid system that can be provided in USA and many other countries is Gateway Health Plan. It was established twenty years ago and its main goal while founding was to help any people that usually have problems with finding a proper health insurance and have specific health needs, because they have e.g. chronic illness or are aging, or have to visit their doctor often because of other reasons. The other similar health plan is Hudson health plan, which puts an emphasis on professional primary care. This makes the medical care offered by Hudson health plan nicely accessible, and accessibility is one of the most important principles of health care. Another advantage is that you can get medical, professional help at the very beginning of your health problems, even when you actually don’t know if you are already ill. This makes an effective prevention system which may bring lots of benefits and satisfying results all the time.

Apart from medical care itself, it is always important to provide inter-cooperation, so a collaboration of experts from various disciplines. This is also a feature that is provided by well-functioning and well-designed health plans. In such system you may participate in identification of your health needs