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How to Lose Weight in 7 Days! Get Your Confidence Back!


Are you scared or tired of looking at your weighing machine every morning? Do you fear of observing that scale with increasing kilos? If yes, then it’s time that you put yourself through a regime that makes you lose weight quickly and effectively. Lifestyle nowadays has changed completely with growing stress and minimum time. So it has become extremely essential to take care of yourself and keep a check on that growing weight. There are plentiful of supplements and surgeries that would eventually lead to weight lose but are these safe? Or are these designed for a long term benefit? For safer options we should lose weight naturally and with pure consumables around us. These supplements not only affect our organs but have a bad effect on our brains. And the best way to lose weigh in 7 days is discussed below. Follow a few simple rules and you are ready to flaunt that body again.

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It is an old saying; eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a worker and dinner like a beggar. It is very correct and a highly useful tactic that should be adopted by all. Eating right is very much necessary. Split your meals in a way that you don’t starve or crave for food and thus eat junk at the end. Have a full heavy breakfast that would keep you at peace for a few hours without eating. Mid meals should consist of butter milk or fruits whenever you have an urge to eat. Green tea with some roasted snacks in the evening and a very light and early dinner. Your dietary goal should be set according to the total calories you consume in a day. When these calories will be fixed, you automatically will feel the need of fulfilling the basic requirement of your body and not going over it. This will help you maintain your weight. This schedule for 7 days will help you lose weight at a very constant rate and will stick along for years.

Exercising is a basic necessity of everyone’s life whether you are fat or slim. Moving your body in the form of exercise or jogging or even walking will make you fit and help you lose those extra kilos quickly. 30 minutes of daily exercise or 45 minutes of walk is essential. Even bicycle riding will help you gain that power and shed of weight. The more you’re your heart rate goes up, the more you sweat, and the more you burn those calories.

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A good night is also very important to keep your body healthy. According to facts, a huge percentage of people who sleep at time and get their 7-8 hours of sound sleep are slimmer than those who do not follow this schedule.

The simple ways of reducing weight in 7 days are all related to our lifestyle habits. With no time in our busy schedule, we forget to drink water. Drinking at least 4 litres of water in a day is essential for weight loss. You have to say a complete NO to alcohol to regain that perfect body. Carbonated drinks with high amount of sugars are not good for our system. So you should lose your grips on these elements. Chocolates and cakes are everyone’s favourite but in order to cut down calories, you have cut them down first.

High starch and carbohydrates food like potato and rice should be completely banned from your diet plan. Though eating brown rice is a good option if you really crave for it. Eat as much fruits and vegetables you can. The fibre content in them will help you grow strong and reduce body weight. Foods rich in protein are also good for losing weight.

So adopt these ways and see the difference in yourself in just 7 days!