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Usually if we get health insurance it is a matter of our place of employment. But in some situations when we cannot be receiving our employer’s health insurance anymore, for example: when we lose our job or are forced to work for a shorter daily time, it is important to take care about health insurance on our own.

Here we describe one of the most popular health insurance systems chosen often by employers, Cigna, and so-called cobra health insurance, that is to say: Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. We will describe what benefits can you get from each of these insurances and which one is the best choice in your life situation.

To begin with, COBRA is the best choice if you have to care about your health insurance on your own. This is provided by a federal law. Although, your employer would not pay their share in your health insurance, so it is your choice to continue paying for your insurance or not. This is the basics of COBRA system. If you continue to pay, you can get lots of benefits. With system you won’t have to worry about drug prescription or dental care. All costs of these will be covered. You can also continue your health plan from what you had previously when you were employed, so that you will not be forced to e.g. change your doctor. Unfortunately, you can get qualified to COBRA only if you were employed in a company having more than twenty employees.

Other option is to choose private health insurance, such as Cigna health insurance. We could recommend this health insurance system because of its long tradition and experience, and of a well-developed network of hospitals, clinics and healthcare professionals. Therefore this insurance is undoubtedly safe. It is also worth mentioning that Cigna plan may be really flexible; it addresses your personal health needs, and as we know everyone is different. So, Cigna offers you a tailored plan so that you can save money and will not be forced to pay for services you don’t need.