Learn Why You Should do YOGA Everyday

Yoga is gotten from a Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ in verb structure which intends to unite or to join. It is concerned with the union of the individual soul with the Absolute or Divine soul. It is a science of development of man’s cognizance. Yoga is the “Unification of Atma with Parmatma”. It also means the unification of intellectual, mental , physical and spiritual aspects of an individual.

Importance of Yoga:

It is a well-known fact that present day age is the time of stress, strain and anxiety. these days, the vast majority of the general population have not been leading a happy and productive life. They are involved in materialism. Everybody seems to be running after money. For such individuals, money is everything for them. These people have lots of money in bank account; even then they are mentally dissatisfied and disturbed. They can’t sleep without dozing pills. Their life is full of challenges and problems.

At last, it can be insinuated that everyone, whether rich or poor, is not satisfied and happy in present-day life. Kin Hubbard has rightly said. “It is really difficult to tell what brings happiness: poverty and wealth have both fizzled.” Everyone is in rush. Human being has no time to think about relaxation. Everything is time-bound and human is running after them. And this makes him tired physically and tense mentally.

So, to get rid of physical fatigue and mental pressure and stress, man has conceived certain methods.. He goes to parties and takes alcohol for relief, satisfaction and relaxation, but instead of getting peace, satisfaction and relaxation he comes with more tension, stress and fatigue. The greater part of the general population are leading such a life. These problems are influencing such people- physically, mentally and emotionally. That is the reason; such people are falling prey to different maladies. At this point, Yoga can be exceptionally critical for us. We can dispose of such issues by practicing Yoga.

The following points clearly demonstrate the significance of Yoga –

1.Physical Purity:- Internal organs of our body can be cleansed by different yogic activities and exercises. Essentially there are three substances in our body. i.e. vaat, pitt and kaph. legitimate equalization of these things in our body, we may stay healthy. Neiti, Dhoti, Nauli, Basti, kapalbhati, Tratak, etc. are such yogic activities and exercises which keep the internal organs of our body in a clean state.

2. Cure and Prevention from Diseases:- There are different diseases which usually affect the smooth functioning of body. Yoga not only keeps us away from various illnesses as well as cures them. Different yogic exercises builds the immunity power of a person. If a person performs yogic exercises routinely, he can’t fall prey to illnesses.

Vajrasana cures diabetes. An extensive number of diseases like bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma, dyspepsia, arthritis, hay fever, gastritis, high blood pressure, leprosy, heart attack, sciatica, menstrual disorders, back pain, stress, urinary disorders, hysteria, etc. can be cured and prevented by different yogic exercises.

3.Reduces Mental Tension:- Yoga can help in decreasing the mental pressure. It is a well-known fact that most of the people live under anxiety, stress and tension. They don’t find peace anywhere. They feel agitated and disturbed in the present-day life.

They feel money can bring happiness and bliss to their life but it further intensifies their anxiety and tension. Dhyan, Pratyahar and Dharma play an important and vital role for getting peace of mind. Shalabhasana, Suptasana, Makarasana, Shavasana and Bhujangasana are helpful for discharging stress and tension.

4.Spiritual Development:- Through Yoga, endeavours can be made to achieve spiritual development. We can take control on our mind by performing regular yogic exercises. If our mind is pure, we can make efforts to get spiritual heights.

5.Increases Flexibility:- Flexibility is exceptionally critical for every person. It makes the movement of body productive and elegant. It is additionally useful in averting sports damage. Different yoga sans builds the flexibility of body.

6.Reduces Obesity:- Obesity is a big problem in the world. Obese individuals fall prey to different diseases. Yogic activities can help to reduce obesity. For example, yogic asanas and pranayama particularly thoughtful asanato reduce the obesity.

7.Improve Health:- Yoga helps us in improving and maintaining health by making our muscles strong and regulating other systems of the body such as circulatory , respiratory, nervous , excretory and glandular system. It increases the efficiency of these systems in our body and accordingly improves health.