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Providence Health & Services mission is to provide health services for the members of this organization all across the country. Although Providence is a catholic organization, it is of course available for everyone. What is more, it is a non-profit organization, so you may be sure that you get the lowest monthly fees possible. What is more, you can get your own Providence health plan that provides you medical services addressing your current health needs. Therefore, Providence may be a great choice for individuals and families, providing a medical care appropriate for everyone. Let’s see what you should know about Providence before you decide on choosing it.

It may be interesting to know that Providence Health & Services has a really long history. This organization was initially founded in Quebec by Sisters of Providence in one and a half century ago! As you see, Providence may really be called an organization with a long tradition. This is of course associated with large medical and social experience and the highest quality of service. Owing to such long experience and satisfying time for development, at this moment Providence Health & Services manages a nicely developed network of clinics and hospitals. It also provides education and health promotion.

Due to Providence health plan, we may be aware that prevention is as important as curative and rehabilitative care. When we care about our own health and well-being, we may reduce a risk of many common illnesses, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer or even some mental disorders, such as depression. Therefore, prevention and education comprises an important part of Providence health plan. To achieve this goal, Providence provides an experts’ consulting as well as health promotion programs available for every community member.