Professional makeup kits and bobby brown cosmetics

Collecting products in your beauty bag may take years. Indeed, a huge experience and, by the way, many mistakes are indispensable to get a set of products that suits the best for your skin type, complexion, beauty type and so on… In nineties it was popular to believe that we can distinguish four beauty types, called spring, summer, autumn and winter. Now it is said that we have at least twenty beauty types and many subtypes in each! So, in fact, it is really a challenge to find all the best, especially when it comes to make-up products – assuming that your make-up should not only tone in your beauty type but also show off your personality and style on many occasions.

Some women want to save time and buy one make-up kit for everyday usage. It is not a good idea to buy a pro kit when you are not a make-up artist. It must be noticed that professional makeup kits are designed for artists that work with many types of beauty and also need products for avant-garde beauty sessions – and these products are not appropriate for everyday usage, so buying them in a kit is just a waste of money, even if you want to experiment with makeup on your own. Instead of buying pro kits you should have a look on kits that were designed for different beauty types. Such kits are meant to be used by a single person.

The easiest way to start is to buy palettes recommended for your complexion, eye and hair color. Some of these products are also popular among professionals, for example Bobby Brown cosmetics, M.A.C. palettes, or cheaper but still excellent products: Sleek, NYX or Coastal Scents. All these brands produce great eye shadow palettes. You can also choose from blush palettes or big kits containing eye shadows, cream lipsticks and blushes. When you completely don’t know where to start buying a multiple element make-up kit may be a good idea, but probably you will not be using all the shades put in the kit. Therefore it is recommended to start with small kits containing from six to twelve elements.