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Sleep Apnea Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Is Important

Tossing and turning, getting up to drink milk, Fluff the pillow & Going to the toilet. That’s what I do to help me sleep. Waking up suddenly in the middle of the night is frustrating. I’m sure most of you who have trouble going back to sleep can relate, especially if you have a partner who snores loudly. My husband used to be severely overweight and his snoring was comparable to an orchestra, complete with the moments of silence then a jarring snort. Luckily, we were able to address the issue easily and naturally.

Sleep Apnea, Why It is Essential to Fix the Problem ASAP

Sleep Apnea and CPAP

Snoring, unbeknownst to many, may have an underlying cause. Most people may be snoring because of obstructive sleep apnea. It’s dangerous because you literally stop breathing for 10 seconds or more, even up to minutes. When that happens, your body, specifically the diaphragm and chest muscles, will push harder to pull air into your lungs. Your brain stops getting oxygen when the oxygen level in your blood drops. That’s when you wake up with a gasp, snort or jerk. Because of these sleep disturbances, you can experience:

  • Sleepiness during daytime this is potentially dangerous, especially if you drive long distances. You can fall asleep at the wheel and get into a serious, if not fatal, accident.
  • Memory problems and short term recall – You can’t stay focused on work and school if you didn’t have enough sleep and rest.
  • Heart problems – You’ll experience palpitations, high blood pressure or worse, heart failure.

Moreover, some people develop depression and insomnia because they are afraid of falling asleep when they have sleep apnea. That’s why if you or someone you care about snores, be sure to go for an overnight sleep test from a clinic that treats sleep apnea. These tests are analysed by independent sleep physicians who will provide a recommendation on a solution for you.

Tips and Treatment to STOP Snoring


  • Exercise – Even in sleep, your weight matters! Thickness around the neck can squeeze your throat, triggering the collapse of the soft tissue. But that doesn’t mean that thin people do not snore. They do, but theirs might be more complicated or simply just sleeping in the wrong position. No matter what your weight, you could still have sleep apnea.
  • Sleep on your side – People who sleep on their backs usually snore. To aid you in maintaining this sleeping-on-your-side position, you can buy a body pillow to support your body.
  • Avoid alcohol – It’s true that you relax with a glass of wine before sleep. But way too much alcohol can make your snoring take a turn for the worse.
  • Elevate your neck – It will make breathing easier. Flat pillows are also not recommended, especially if you are comfortable sleeping on your back. However, don’t buy too fat pillows as well. You’ll end up with a stiff neck.
  • CPAP machines – If you have tested positive for sleep apnea, this device will help you to stop snoring and sleep better. It involves wearing a CPAP mask that’s connected to a tube to the machine. Your airways are kept open while pressurized air flows into the throat.

CPAP mask

Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep

You should stop thinking of sleep as a luxury and start considering a good night’s rest as a need. It’s more than just a proverbial beauty treatment (e.g. getting rid of dark circles around your eyes) and an energy booster. Once you or your partner stops snoring, you’ll begin to benefit from sleeping well.

  • Sleep deprived people tend to eat more. When you’re sleepy, you want to eat MORE and your metabolism slows down significantly.
  • You’ll improve your memory and concentration.
  • You’ll be in a better mood than those who lack sleep.
  • Sleeping like a log means being able to handle problems better by making sound decisions.


Sleep deprivation because of your or your partner’s snoring can affect your relationship and can cause alarming health issues. Don’t take snoring or sleep apnea lightly. Especially if you have tried practically everything is to stop it. Seek treatment and start enjoying new found energy.