Weight Management

The Best Way to Lose weight – and Keep it Off

Best Way to Lose weight

There is something that many scientists and nutritionists have recently found out – but they have long suspected it to be true. They have found that diets – especially ‘fad’ diets – don’t really work. In short, most diets fail – and some may work for a time, but you will gain weight again after some period. The fact is, diets fail – because they aren’t part of our lifestyles. You have to find a way to incorporate healthier eating habits into your lifestyle instead of crash dieting and having the weight come back! This is the key to losing weight. Certain habits will help you – and all you have to do is cultivate them and be conscious about what you consume. In other words, there’s no need to starve yourself. Here is the best way to lose weight – and keep it off.

Rule #1: have breakfast

Most people have the unhealthy habit of skipping breakfast. But remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if there’s one meal you should eat, it’s breakfast. Eating breakfast gives you the energy and nutrients you need throughout the day – and by not getting those nutrients, you could end up eating more at dinner and snacking. So it’s better to eat breakfast every day and make it a point to eat plenty of protein and not too many carbs.

Rule #2: eat during regular times

Many of us also tend to ‘skip’ meals – or eat lunch or supper at odd hours. This is not good, either – by skipping meals or eating late and not sticking to regular eating habits, you are not allowing your body to burn the proper amount of calories. Also, by not eating regularly, you are more likely to snack – and worse, look for snack foods that include lots of fat and sugar.

Rule #3: drink lots of water

When we say drink lots of water, we mean lots of it – and not juice and soda or energy drinks loaded with sugar and calories. If you want water to have ‘flavour,’ put a slice or two of lemon or cucumber in a glass. Soda has high sugar content, but many juices on the shelves are no different. Also, if you drink lots of water, you wouldn’t easily confuse your thirst with your hunger – most people who are ‘hungry’ often find out that they were just thirsty in the first place!

Rule #4: be active

You don’t have to exercise per se, just be more active. You can start by playing a sport, for instance. You can run or go walking a few times a week. Remember that even if a diet works or you have just gone for Aqualyx fat dissolving injections to rid your body of those stubborn pockets of fat (lucky you!), you still need to maintain your weight and body shape. So the best thing you can do is be active and do activities you enjoy – walking the dog, gardening, playing golf or tennis, or even playing with the kids.

Rule #5: use a smaller plate

Now here’s one rule we can all easily follow! Instead of using a large plate, use something smaller. And here’s something you might not know – the colour blue is a wonderful appetite quencher. So use a small blue plate so you can eat small portions. It takes 20 minutes before we feel full, so it’s best to eat as slowly and carefully as possible.