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Vegan Diet Plan and Menu Tips for Gain a Weight


Vegan Diet Plan is the kind of diet plan that includes only the vegetarian food. Usually vegetables are used in the vegan diet plan, but vegan has a vast range of choices and recipes. There are lots of alternatives to non vegetarian recipes. For example, cauliflower and mushroom are the alternatives for chicken. Vegan eggs are also available in the market.

Now-a-days most of the people are learning more about the vegan lifestyle. Some of them use the vegan alternatives instead of meat. There are lots of people very much curious about their vegan diet. They even use vegan cheese dip, vegan bacon etc. Here are a few vegan diet plans. Check it out and choose yours.




Most people say no to vegan diet because it doesn’t include any fish or meat or any kind of animal products. They don’t know that there are vegetarian alternatives for these non-vegetarian foods. .The most common meat substitute is seitan made from beans. There are other products that are made from soybeans, tofu or nuts and grains. There is a substitute for fish also. It is available in Japan.

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Similar to meat, dairy products like milk and milk based products are also considered as animal based products. The best substitute for milk is soy based beverages. margarine is the substitute for butter.


Eggs come from chicken. So obviously egg must be avoided in the vegan diet plan, but alternatives to eggs are available in the market. They are artificially made, using soya type of products.


Gelatin product Jell-O is not a vegan. There are very few gelatin products made with vegan ingredients. So they must be avoided.


As far as sweeteners are concerned, honey is the only vegetable based sweetener. Sugarcane and beet based sugar varieties are considered as non-vegetarian by some people. They undergo refinement process involving animal bones.