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It is well-known that non-profit organizations are not only an important support for the society and individuals well-being, but also a great branch of economics. For some people, especially living in poverty, a help of such organizations may be a matter of life and death. Any effective cooperation between non-profit, commercial and public organizations always leads to best results. All in all, health care is no exception. Here we have a nice example of non-profit organization concerning on medical care and health education: Summa health system.

The founding of this organization was purely philanthropic and it has been non-profit from the very beginning till now. Summa is a complete system of health services delivery, education, and research programs.

But the mission of Summa health system is not only healing, but also preserving health. Therefore its educational goal is probably as important, if not more, as providing health services. The current educational program is colorectal cancer prevention.

The best way to keep being healthy is to eat well and be fit. The latter can be achieved in Summa Fitness Institute, where the up-to-date medical technology is combined with experts’ knowledge, and professional staff willing to help everyone who is determined to achieve health goals (also psychological support is provided, if one doesn’t feel as determined or has any doubts). When talking about Summa we can also mention such institutions as Western Reserve Hospital and the physicians network. For any healthcare professional it is a prestige to belong to this network. It is also a good way to help people efficiently and gain some precious experience.

You can also become a member of the community and help the organization by your donations. You can also benefit from any service that Summa provides. Being healthy is the best start for reaching any of your life goals, it is always significant to be aware of it during every life stage.