What is Mineral Makeup And Non Comedogenic Makeup

Have you heard about cosmetic acne? This is an acne problem that is caused only because of using inappropriate cosmetics. Some cosmetic ingredients, such as artificial fragrances, dyers, parabens and other preservatives may irritate your skin, and the regular use of bad quality cosmetics may irritate skin that is not sensitive or has not been before. The other problem that may cause cosmetic acne is the clogging of pores behind which lies inappropriate usage of powders, foundations or face creams. The solution that has been widely discussed nowadays is non comedogenic makeup.

This means all types of products that will not clog your skin pores.

The most recommended non comedogenic makeup products are the ones that are 100% natural. These are for example mineral products – we can find mineral powders, foundations, concealers and colorized cosmetics on the market. However, some mineral ingredients can be potentially irritating for your skin, such as bismuth oxychloride. We can also look for products that contain natural ingredients. These are, first and foremost, natural plant extracts that have beneficial properties: they moisturize, remove sebum and bacteria and tighten pores without clogging them. Such extracts are obtained, for example, from aloe vera, calendula, willow bark or tea tree.

We can find many brands of non comedogenic products. The most known is probably Clinique that was always devoted to help customers with untypical skin problems. You can also choose from vegan cosmetics, such as Brown Lady Herbal Cosmetics, or hypo-allergenic (Almay, VMV, Physicians Formula). Remember: every skin type is different. As a consequence, there is no, totally and absolutely no such product that would be suitable for everybody. What helps your friend may cause a skin irritation at your case. So, if your skin gets red, dry or irritated in other way, just stop using the product whatever the advertisement says.