Home Workout Equipment For a Total Body Improvement

Are you are a busy mom, employee, or student, who doesn’t have the time to hit the gym? Even on your most working days, is there a chance for you to achieve your body goals? Are you tired of the same old workout routine you follow in the gym?

You see, you need not worry because you can still work on your fitness goals at home. You can also avoid your fitness plateau by following the different workout routines. What’s even better is that you can get the most out of your total body by executing these exercises. All you need are the essential home workout equipment you can set up at your home. They will not only require working on your muscles, but they also provide an intense cardio workout while toning your body.

Working Out at Home

We understand that when you walk into a gym, there are so many gym machines that make you overwhelmed. You can see different resistance machines, including the elliptical, bikes, treadmills, free weights, and more. For a beginner, these tools may seem very overwhelming and confusing at first sight. In fact, you may have questioned your gym instructor which of these machines may work best for you because they are perplexing.

And because a lot of people do not want to become overwhelmed by all of the gym equipment, they opt to workout at home. Most people also hate morning and evening crowds at the gym. The question here is, “What should you have at home to fulfill your exercises?”

Home Workout Equipment for Your Total Body Transformation

Thus, to squeeze in some fitness routines even on your busy work schedule, and other hindrances, you need to set up some of this equipment at home:


The first thing you should consider as the best piece of workout equipment is yourself! There are a lot of total body workouts that you can execute at the comfort of your home without any piece of machine. Not only that these exercises work on your entire body, but you can also perform these workouts in various ways anywhere you like.

With that, here are some of the fitness workout that you may follow:

– Pushups
– Squats
– Plank
– Split Squats
– Walking Lunge
– Burpee

A Set of Dumbbells

A pair of adjustable dumbbells is also a must when it comes to home exercise equipment. The weight load that you may consider should be about your levels of strength. However, you may also find the dumbbell that puts enough challenge to achieve your desired gains. You need to worry because your body quickly adapts to strenuous activities.

But, you must consider working with these tools with a different workout routine. Why is that so? It is because when you consistently do the same routine with the use of your dumbbells, you will no longer achieve the most out of the exercises. Thus, you need to add some more resistance to your body weight workouts for you to further your strength and gains. When you consider purchasing a set of dumbbells, they may take much space at home and are quite pricey. However, they are very efficient in building up your muscles while at home.

Here are some of the exercises you may choose to go with your adjustable dumbbells:

-Floor Press
-Goblet Squat
-Russian Twists
-Walking Lunges
-Overhead Press

Kettle Bell

The kettlebell is just one of the most useful tools to execute a total-body workout. When you use this equipment, the center of the mass extends beyond your hand. Hence, you need to facilitate swinging motions. When you execute your routines correctly, the kettlebell workout may help you stimulate your core. It also enhances your overall endurance and strength. But you need to take note that using it correctly may be challenging. So, you need to consult an expert before learning new workout routines.

Here are some of the workouts you may perform:

-Kettlebell Snatch
-Kettlebell Swing
-Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up
-Kettlebell Clean and Jerk
-Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pull

TRX Suspension Trainer

It is a piece of equipment that will improve your physique and strength. In fact, you can execute more than 150 various workouts with this piece of tool. It may also help you work on your full body without adding another training tool. Moreover, the TRX Suspension Trainer got more of its popularity in the Sports Conditioning area. It is also a great purchase for people who are planning to do a total-body routine.

Here are some of the most efficient TRX exercises:

-TRX Chest Press
-TRX Inverted Row
-TRX Suspended Plank
-TRX Pistol Squat
-TRX Suspended Lunge

Rowing Ergometer

Lastly, the best aerobic equipment you can use at home is not the elliptical nor the treadmill, but the Rowing Ergometer. It is a tool that looks like a Watercraft Rowing. It is a low-impact equipment that you can safely use for your connective tissues and joints. Your proper alignment and form are very vital when you use this tool. Also, you must know how to properly use it because you may be at risk to develop back injury by using the Ergometer. Also, it is an ideal tool for weight loss and the development of your total-body muscles. Additionally, a Rowing Ergometer is cheap and comes in a lightweight frame and compact size. Hence, it is a great addition to your home workout equipment.

Here are some of the workouts you may execute while utilizing a Rowing Ergometer:

-HIIT Sprints
-Pyramid Power
-Lean Leapfrog


If you are thinking of re-designing your home and putting up space for your home gym, you must have the equipment mentioned above. They are not only fantastic to push you towards your body goal, but they are also very efficient in shaping up your whole body. However, if you are still unfamiliar with these tools, you should seek some advice from fitness professionals. And the next thing you have to do is to find time to perform your workout routines at home.

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