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Easy Methods To Smooth The Curly Hair

Looking beautiful is the wish of everyone. It should be, as most of people take their first impression from your look. When we are talking about the look, then how we can forget the hairs. An integral part of your face beauty. The style and shape of hairs makes the personality as well as the face beauty. Curly hair is not the problem. But some people found that curly hairs are not suiting their personality.

This article is specially for those, who think that curly hair are restricting their personality and beauty. Many creams and gels are available in market, but all have some kind of negative effect on hair health. Here are easy methods to straight the curly hairs with natural ingredients, which will smooth and straight the hairs and also will produce positive effect on hair health.

Coconut and Lemon:

coconut and lemon hair oil

Coconut water, makes the hairs soft. But to straight the hairs, it alone is not enough. Mix the coconut water with lemon water in a cup. Let this mixture to stay overnight. You will found a creamy layer on this mixture in the morning. Collect this creamy layer and apply this to hairs and cover your hairs with hot towel for few hours. After that wash the hairs. You will find the clear difference, by observing smooth and straight hairs on your head.

Hot Oil:

coconut and almond hair oil

Hot oil always produce healthy effect on hairs. Mix the coconut oil and Almond oil in equal proportion. Let this mixture be hot on fire for few minutes. Keep in mind just make it slightly warm. Then apply this mixture to your hairs and cover with towel for 45 minutes. Then wash hairs with shampoo. Daily application of this mixture will straight and smooth your hairs, you will find a clear difference within few days of application.

Flax seed conditioner:

flax seed hair conditioner

If you want to prepare a natural conditioner, that makes your hair smooth, straight and soft. Then you will not find better conditioner than this natural conditioner of flax seeds. It is also very easy to prepare it. Take half cup of Flax seed, and keep these seeds in three cup water overnight. Take this water in morning and apply this to your hair after shampoo, as conditioner. It will make the hair straight, smooth and soft.

Milk, Honey and Banana paste:

Milk, Honey and Banana paste

Mix the milk with honey. Mesh the banana in separate pot. Then mix the meshed banana with the mixture of honey and milk. Paste is ready now. Apply this paste to hair. It may take 2 hour to dry. After drying of paste wash hair with shampoo. Very useful method to straight and smooth your hairs.