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I’m Sick of Cleaning My Kitchen Floor

cleaning my kitchen floor

No matter if it is cooking, rushing around collecting clothes for the washing machine or turning on and off your appliances, the kitchen is a daily chore. Then you have to clean it – and it is draining to even contemplate.

You’ll either end up sighing, taking deep breaths or breaking down crying when it’s time to undertake the kitchen clean challenge. How can we reduce this and get my time back?

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Let us look at some situations that a regular kitchen faces and how luxury wood effect vinyl flooring can stop you losing your mind when the cleaning products are due.

Spillages and Clean Ups

The Kitchen is our epicenter for the preparation of food and guaranteed when it be sauces or liquids, there is cleaning to follow that is going to be a drag.

As you may have experienced with other types of flooring, these moments may leave stains following multiple clean up attempts. The difference with vinyl is that it offers an easy to clean texture with the added benefit of stain resistance, meaning a warm soapy sponge clean leaves no trace of discoloration.


Lowest price Amtico flooring has been manufactured with scratch guards that ensure that floors that are given tough challenges do not require hiding any imperfections.

You probably have family pets running across the floor to the outside, you probably will have installation of new kitchen appliances over the course of a few years – a regular kitchen floor no doubt takes a lot on a regular day, yet alone all year around.

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The good news is that vinyl comes manufactured with anti-slip properties and being 100% waterproof, which means water from the sink or washing machine will not soak through underneath to the subfloor and cause damage or rot.


Tiles and planks from the vinyl selection generally don’t require replacement due to their durability, but should you need to replace for whatever reason, uninstalling and reinstalling is a quick and easy job, making it a high choice for interior designers.

You can actually save a lot of money by not requiring employing professionals to install the flooring, so you can have the man of the house jump into his DIY. It is a perfect project for putting creative minds to work.

We all feel the same – we want to be freeing time up to dedicate to family. The kitchen requires cleaning more than any other due to the amount of food preparation, washing up and freshen up clothing that occurs in there. We would recommend a flooring that gives you time back in cleaning and sustainability – that would be the cheapest Amtico flooring UK and Amtico Signature.