7 Beauty Myths You Need To Stop Believing Being A Teenager

A teenager has so many problems about beauty. This is because they are under hormonal changes affecting the skin with endless acne. Most teenagers believe that they will never achieve their beauty after being affected by acne that is not true. A teenager can use makeup to enhance beauty since makeup does not restrict age no matter the kind of beauty myth set up.

The following are seven beauty myths you need to stop believing being a teenager

1.Permanent hair removal lasts forever

This is usually a way of preventing teenage girls from shaving their eyebrows. Most people say that when you shave eyebrows, you will remain bald which brings a lot of fear. This is not true since eyebrows grow back after they are shaved.

2.Applying oil on your skin makes it inhibit formation of acne

There are groups of teenagers who believe that acne and blemishes can only end when you stop applying oil on your skin. Make use of oil to prevent drying up since acne will only disappear after they are through with adolescence.

3.Pricking pimples make the spread more

Acne may have pulse hence most teenagers’ feel they need to prick it. It is dangerous since it makes the acne become a wound. As a teenager, you need to be careful since acne is required to dry up first before pricking to avoid forming black and white heads.

4.Eating too much leads to increase in acne

Teenagers mislead each other not knowing that their body cannot work well with starvation. Eating is essential to maintain a healthy look, and beautiful skin is hence making it very essential to eat. In case, your face has no pimples you can apply makeup and seek advice on the best eye cream to avoid making mistakes that ruin your look.

5.Black heads are the build of dirt

This myth on blackheads is totally wrong. Blackheads are a source of open pimples with a dark or white covering. They are not formed by dirt but hormonal changes in the body. Detox your skin to clear off the black heads.

6.Washing hair makes it delay in growth

This myth has made so many teenage girls maintain dirty hair. Whether you clean your hair daily or not, if it is meant never to grow long it can never. Maintain body hygiene by keeping hair clean, nails clean and the rest of the body. Clean hair makes you look neat generally while dirty hair makes you have a bad smell and become a hiding place for mites.

7.Shaving hair makes it grow thicker

There is nothing that can make your hair thick naturally. If you believe that thick hair is beautiful then, you have to add artificial hair to make your hair look thick. Let not your age mates make you shave your long and beautiful hair so that you can attain a thick volume of hair. It can be a shock on you that it is just a myth that can never work. Natural beauty is the best hence be wise and avoid being misled by your fellow teenagers.


The above myths can be partially true and partially false, so it’s upon you to decide what you want to follow. Most of the myths can make you lower your self-esteem and courage hence; you need to avoid listening to them. Feed properly so that you can be able to maintain good body health, a radiant, beautiful and smooth face.

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