How to Apply Fake Eyelashes


Ever wonder how to apply fake eyelashes? If you are not happy with your natural eyelashes and feel that mascara alone doesn’t give your eyes the emphasis you want for them, then perhaps you are considering trying false eyelashes, but have been afraid to try. Or maybe you want to learn more about them before you invest your money. We’ll take a look at how to apply fake eyelashes at home and what permanent fake eyelashes are all about. Applying fake eyelashes can give you that glamorous look you always want that so many celebrities use to look more beautiful.

The Look of Fake Eyelashes


The best fake eyelashes are the ones that you are happiest with. You may wish for a natural look that you can wear everyday or a fancier style for special events. Play around with different false eyelashes until you find your favourites. Fake eyelashes can look like they are natural, just shop around until you find the best match for you. Don’t buy the first set of fake eyelashes you find. Look online for reviews of products and find out how other people liked them. If you know anyone that wears false lashes then be sure to talk to them about it and see what they prefer.

Things you will need for applying fake eyelashes:

  • A set of false eyelashes
  • Eyelash adhesive
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Tweezers
  • Mascara


Step by Step How to Apply Fake Eyelashes

  1. Before beginning hold the false lashes up to your eye to see if they are the correct size. If they are too wide for your eye, carefully trim them with your scissors until they are the perfect width.
  2. Apply the adhesive to the entire length of the fake eyelashes making sure you have enough coverage so that they will stick without falling off.
  3. Carefully place the false eyelashes just above your natural lash line without letting the glue touch your real eyelashes.
  4. This is to help prevent any damage to your natural eyelashes. Allow the glue to dry completely. This makes take a little time, so be patient and don’t rush.
  5. Once your fake eyelashes are in place and the glue has dried thoroughly apply mascara to your natural and fake eyelashes, so they blend together. This will help to make the lashes seem like they are your real lashes.

Comparing Real and Fake Eyelashes


The photograph above demonstrate the difference between natural lashes with mascara in the before picture compared with the fake eyelashes added in the after picture. False eyelashes can add quite a bit of glamour to your look.


These photos demonstrate clearly the change of applying fake eyelashes to Katy Perry’s appearance and how much more her eyes stand out with the addition of those false lashes.

Types of False Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes come in a variety of styles, lengths and thicknesses to please just about everyone. Once you know how to apply fake eyelashes, you may dare to try different styles and play around with your look. False eyelashes are made with synthetic materials or with natural hair, and the prices vary widely.


Nowadays, anything goes, so you can buy fake eyelashes in an array of colours. You can find false lashes that are fuzzy or furry looking, made to look like feathers, flags or rainbows and some with glitter and gems attached to them. You may wish to use these types of fake lashes for very special events unless, of course, they suit your personality perfectly.

Wearing Speciality Fake Eyelashes

The photo above demonstrates feather type fake eyelashes. Their makeup has been left to bare minimum so only the eyes are emphasized and have been made up to match the eyelashes. The lips have been painted to almost match the skin colour again to draw all your attention to their eyes. How to put on fake eyelashes of this style would be to use mascara on your natural lashes before you glue these on and not to apply any mascara after they have dried in place, as they are obviously not your real lashes and you wouldn’t want to wreck them.


Here we have bright red false eyelashes in this photograph. She has kept her makeup to a minimum with the only other addition of colour being her red lipstick to match her lashes. Fake eyelashes like this will certainly draw a lot of attention.


The gems on the fake eyelashes above are a glamorous touch that will keep people staring at you. The reason they will stare is that the gems can only be seen when you close your eyes. People will think they saw the gems when your eyes were closed and keep watching you until you close your eyes again, to catch another glimpse of them and to verify they actually saw what they thought they saw. If you like lots of attention and aren’t paranoid about people staring at you, then these just might be the fake eyelashes for you.

How to Remove Fake Eyelashes

Hopefully you have learned how to apply fake eyelashes by now and you may be wondering at this point how to remove those false eyelashes. Please watch the video below to find out how:

To Remove Fake Eyelashes You Will Need:

  • Oil Free Makeup Remover
  • Cotton Swab (Q-Tip)

Simply soak the cotton swab in the makeup remover and gently rub this along the glue line of your false eyelashes until they loosen and come off. This will clean off any glue on your eyelid and keep your fake eyelashes in good condition, so you may use them again. Do not pull the false lashes off, as you may damage your eye and leave behind unwanted glue on your eyelid that may cause problems later. Pulling your false lashes off can also damage them and you may not be able to reuse them.

Semi-Permanent Fake Eyelashes

Permanent fake eyelashes don’t really exist, but you can get semi-permanent or what is called eyelash extensions done. This is a very time consuming and very expensive method of creating the style of lashes you always dreamed of having. Some people feel these are the best fake eyelashes as they remain on your eye longer than regular fake eyelashes. These eyelash extensions are glued individually onto your lash line between your natural eyelashes. Be sure the technician you use is properly trained. Find out from others who have used their services to see how satisfied they are with their work. If this procedure is not done properly, you run the risk of losing your real lashes and it may take months for them to grow back. Make sure they are applying individual lashes, not clutches or groups of lashes. A group of lashes is usually tied or glued onto your real lashes and this will cause damage to them. Ask what type of glue they are using and verify that is eyelash extension glue and not some type of super glue which is dangerous to use and cause damage to your eyes, along with your lashes. Be very careful when choosing a technician.

Eyelash Extension Procedure

You can choose a variety of lengths of lashes and have them done as natural or as glamorous as you like. Eyelash extensions are made out of synthetic material, silk or mink. Silk eyelashes seem to be the most popular and have the darkest colour. Once you have had extensions glued on, you will no longer need to apply any mascara. Your extensions should last from two to four weeks. You will need to have touch ups done after about 2 1/2 half weeks have passed as your extensions will begin to fall off. You will need to make many visits to continue to have touched ups done to maintain your look. The more you sweat the faster these lashes will fall out or if you swim quite often they won’t last very long, so make sure your lifestyle is compatible with having this procedure done. Before you embark on having this procedure done, make sure you can afford to maintain these semi-permanent lashes. It costs a great deal of money and time to have them done initially and to keep having them replaced every few weeks.


As this photo demonstrates, having eyelash extensions can be a beautiful option for enhancing your natural look. You will no longer need to apply any mascara with these, so it will save you a few minutes when doing your makeup. Your lashes will look like this night and day until they start to fall out. Then you need to return to your technician and have more applied to fill them back in.

You may have been worried about how to put on fake eyelashes before, but now you know it is not that difficult and just needs a little practice. Take your time and shop around to find the best false lashes for you. If you want to have eyelash extensions done, be sure to find the best technician that knows how to apply these properly for the best results and to prevent any damage to your lashes and eyes.