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Healthy Foods to Help You Lose Weight


You are what you eat. Or at least that’s how the saying goes. You’re more than what you eat, however. Indeed, how you sleep and exercise are two other components important to good health and weight loss. The following foods can play an important part in any weight loss plan.

  1. Leafy greens: Yes, that’s right – leafy greens can help you lose weight. For one, they’re filling. For another, they’re loaded with fiber, what aids in digestion. They’re also very nutritious and loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. So, grab some kale and make it a part of your diet.
  2. Lean meats: Not all meats are bad for you. In fact, chicken breast as well as lean beef can help you lose weight. As long as the meat isn’t processed, you can benefit from it. Meat provides protein and a high protein diet can help you burn calories faster. Just keep your portions in line and you’ll enjoy your meat craving and lose weight.
  3. Consume tuna: Fish is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids and is also filling. It is also relatively fat free and can help you lose weight. If you can buy fresh tuna, then do so. Otherwise, shop for Albacore tuna packed in water – you’ll get the protein you need and avoid the fats that can undermine your diet.
  4. Incorporate beans: Beans are a great way for you to burn calories. They’re high in protein and fiber, aiding in digestion. Beans are also quite filling and you may find yourself satisfied with only a modest portion.
  5. Choose avocados: When it comes to avocados, you’ll find a fruit that is chock-full of healthy fats. They also contain a lot of water, so they’re not as dense as you might think. Add avocados to your salad and you’ll have a healthy meal filled with fibre, potassium and nutrients.
  6. Eat nuts: Yes, nuts are high in fast, but at the same time they aren’t especially fattening. This fact means you can enjoy the protein and fibers provided by nuts and enjoy the side benefit of losing weight. Eat nuts in moderation as they still contain a lot of calories. They’re also filling and better to eat than a candy bar when a craving overtakes you.
  7. Fruit is where its at: Fresh fruit is one of the best foods to consume. People who eat them regularly are healthy. Don’t worry about the sugar as it is natural. The fiber comes in handy too especially when it pertains to digestion.
  8. Enjoy your yogurt: Is yogurt good or bad for you? Yogurt is very healthy as it contains a probiotic bacterium that benefits your gut. A healthy gut may reduce inflammation and keep you from getting fat. Choose only a full-fat yogurt as the low-fat variety can contribute to diabetes or obesity. You should also know that low-fat yogurts are filled with sugar and that’s never a good thing.

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See a Nutritionist

If you’ve been trying to lose weight by eating right and exercising and are still not reaching your goals, then it may be time to meet with a nutritionist. A nutritionist will review your current diet and create an outline to follow. Your nutritionist may also recommend a fitness expert if she suspects you aren’t burning off enough calories explains Fitness.

Together, a nutritionist and a fitness instructor can help you reach your goals, including losing weight, feeling better and being in an improved overall state for good health. And it is your good health you don’t want to lose, something you may never again regain if you do.