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How home cleanliness can boost your mental health and wellbeing

home cleanliness can boost your mental health

There are all kinds of different activities people do to make them feel more relaxed, such as yoga or pilates, going for a walk or a jog outside, chilling out listening to their favourite music, watching TV, or reading a book. But some people find wiping down surfaces, sweeping, moping, and organising home storage such as cupboards and so on greatly improves their mental wellbeing and instantly makes them feel more relaxed.

Here, we take a look at how getting on top of household chores and cleanliness can boost your mental health and wellbeing.

Decluttering will improve your ability to focus

Research carried out in the United States found that having a messy cluttered house that is pretty much like an obstacle will inhibit your ability to focus. Your capacity to focus intensely while working from home is particularly important if you work from home full-time or a few days a week, you need to focus on the tasks at hand without hindrances, as if you were in a standard office.

So, a focused mind is much better than a confused muddled up one, and cleaning your home and keeping it tidy will therefore improve your mental wellbeing. Keeping the place neat and tidy will also help avoid hoarding, which can lead to depressive episodes.

You will be able to socialise and invite guests around

As humans, we are sociable creatures, and there’s nothing quite like having your good friends or family members around your place, no matter if it is just for a cup of tea, a bite to eat, or a full-blown exciting house party at yours.

Knowing you can depend on the love and support of your close ones is priceless. Having a clean house is important when you have guests to visit. Of course, doing things like ensuring the bathrooms are all shiny and and clean is a must for your guests. So, being house-proud and getting things all excellently in place for your guests will mean you can relax and socialise away as much as you like!

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Cleaning your home thoroughly is undoubtedly a physical activity, and when you exert energy, pleasure-inducing endorphins are released in your body. Your physical and mental health are closely connected, so keeping your home clean is all part of following an active lifestyle and making sure those happy endorphin chemicals get spread around your body.

Lifting your mood and reducing anxiety

There is a clear link between a clean home and reduced anxiety levels. Having a good night’s rest and getting your 8 hours of sleep in will also greatly help to reduce your anxiety levels. Studies have demonstrated that having a clean and tidy home will also improve your ability to get the sleep you need to lead an energetic and active life.

A tidy room is a tidy mind

Keeping your bedroom tidy is an important part of ensuring your headspace is all good and well. One part of having a tidy bedroom is getting your storage right, you can do this with built-in wardrobe storage, hanging baskets, pinboards, cleverly shaped shelving, under-the-bed storage, and more.

But a great idea to help you keep your bedroom clean and your mind tidy and clear is to hire a self storage unit, as sometimes you just run out of space at home to store everything. Looking to rent a secure self storage unit? Go and take a look at Now Storage Basingstoke, they have storage units large enough to store everything in your house. Storage units can also help to alleviate the stress of moving home by acting as a temporary storage solution that enables you to move your possessions gradually into your new house.